December 2010

After a year of mucking around in the basement and writing a bunch of songs (and then playing them differently at every subsequent attempt), we're finally emerging, blinking profusely and somewhat disoriented, into the upper world to once again take part in the gargantuan yearly bacchanal of the Cumulus Music Festival.

We'll be playing the Thursday night show at Chop Suey, on January 20th, with such luminaries as Master Musicians of Bukkake, Scriptures, and Lowmen Markos. We'llbe going on second, and should have some of our subterranean compositions for sale at, ahem, bargain basement prices. It would be wonderful to see you there.

We might or might not play this at the show, but there's a new track up on the Audio. Apparantly, it was called "Two". Its genesis is a little hazy at this point.

December 2009

Another new demo on the Audio page for the winter equinox. This one concerns the Elizabethan phantoms that will haunt our future.

October 2009

Just posted demo version of three new songs on the Audio page. Theyre about Croatian midfielders, things you find in the woods, and transportation. And a little shorter than usual! Enjoy.

September 2009

Our performance on Sonarchy is available for download here. We recorded this 3 song set with Doug Haire in early May.

August 2009

With the summer heat retreated for it's usual inland home, and the cozy blankee of clouds settling in for at least a few days, the Morlock-like people of Seattle can safely leave their homes and walk the Earth's surface.

And among those vitamin D deprived squinters are the usually nocturnal musicians and Cumulus Music Festival alumni Perish the Island, Passenger Pigeon (aka Levi Fuller), and the legendary Beast, Please Be Still, in an especially uncharacteristic daylight performance. But fear not sun loving Eloi, we come not to feed on your tasty flesh, but to perform for your entertainment. And hosting this event is the illustrious Comet Tavern, long time shelter from the sun on Capitol Hill.

The details you need ...

Perish the Island
Passenger Pigeon
Beast, Please Be Still

Saturday August 15th
4pm matinee show!
21+, $5

January 2009

This report is long overdue; like the coming of Cthulhu, or a good performance from Ben Affleck. First, and most importantly for now, Perish the Island is a part of the mammoth Cumulus Music Festival. We're opening the whole thing on Friday the 23rd. Sharing a bill with Earth, among other great acts. And at this performance we'll have a surprise for fans. A preview copy of our upcoming album ... for free ... as a token of our love and dedication, and a symbol of how we didn't manage to get the big fancy proper release done in time. But, the big fancy proper release is coming. A remix/remaster of the recordings you'll hear here and on the preview disc, extra tracks, a DVD of our projection films with their musical accompanyment, and still photos from the films, all in some super deluxe packaging. Keep your eyes peeled for it.